Bohemian Grove and the Cremation of Care

Anyone can memorize and repeat information, but in order for one to learn, they must have some affinity for the subject matter. It is no surprise to me that one of the most commonly repeated mantras in the American lexicon goes something like, “I don’t give a shit” or, “whatever” if one is particularly pleased about not caring about whatever the topic happens to be.

There’s a meeting that happens every so often in the woods of California at a place called Bohemian Grove. This meeting is attended by some very powerful and influential people, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, and David Rockefeller, just to name a few. One of the things that happens at this meeting is a theatrical production of a conversation between a man and a demon, presumably the Devil, called the Cremation of Care. It is said that the point of this production is to cast a magic spell for the attendees of the meeting, which will absolve them from the guilt associated with doing what has to be done to create their success in this world, regardless of the repercussions to the lives of others.

Now I’m wondering if the opposite is not the goal. Could it be that the intent of the spell is to create careless attitudes in the minds of the multitudes, so much so that we willingly go along with plans for the future that do not include us? I guess a more pertinent question would be: Do you believe in magic? Yes, I believe that is the crux of the matter. You would be crazy to believe in magic, but apparently some of the people who make decisions which affect all of our lives do believe in magic.

Do they believe in magic because they’re rich and eccentric, or are they rich and eccentric because they believe in magic?

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