Clash With Reality

When reality does not conform to one’s expectation of reality, the expectation takes over, particularly when reality is painful or requires action beyond one’s ability. What is left is fantasy. The repression and denial of what is known to be true causes a trauma of the mind which is persistent, not like a physical injury, but a continuous cycle of struggle between the senses which observe, and the imagination which will not accept the input. The result is a syndrome which looks similar to narcissism, and allows the victim to absolve themselves arbitrarily from any complicity in what is true reality, and from responsibility for the fantasy which has replaced it. We depend on people and objects to fulfill us. We expect that the people and the objects will fill the voids inside us. We take no responsibility for our own happiness. We depend on our government to keep gas and food prices low, to save us from the clutches of our enemies. We EXPECT this from our governments, but we accept no responsibility for our own safety and sustenance. We’ve waited for millennia, each in our own way, for a deity to save us. We EXPECT the messiah to remove our burdens and grant everlasting life, but we don’t want to be held accountable for our own salvation, much less consider the possibility that the keys to salvation lay in each of our own hands.

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