Coffee Shop Talk

I was having a conversation with a coffee shop acquaintance yesterday. It was a typical conversation, one that I try to have every day, about the state of world affairs and the politics surrounding them. It seems to me that all of the people I talk to who can see the hypocrisy and corruption inherent in our human social systems also have this idea that if only we humans could think and act rightly and without fear, we could really root out the villains and return the Earth and it’s people to some semblance of sanity.

The idea that the people have the power and also the numbers to be able to extricate from office those whose greed outweighs their compassion for their fellow man, the idea that a unity of mind and action of the body politic is what is necessary to fight the injustice.

And what I don’t get is that I’ve talked with so many people that have this same general idea, enough people that if I were to gather them all up into a group, we literally would be a small army. (Literally in the literal sense, not the figurative sense.) BUT, the people never are able to get together to do it, it seems. We are so sufficiently emasculated by our situation as individuals, that we feel nothing could be done to combat the problem.

The idea that the idea exists in so many minds, and that we do nothing with that idea is troubling to me. I’m wondering if it’s not just a result of constant conditioning by subtle elements contained in television and print, kind of like when Roddy Piper puts on the glasses in “THEY LIVE!”

Really, it’s just amazing to me that people aren’t more pissed, to the point that they would do everything they could to take care of the problems as individuals, and also band together with others to achieve the same. But on the other hand, the media has taken really great care to make sure that all of us are divided against one another ideologically, and maybe that’s the means.

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