Would a conspiracy involving a small subset of humans deliberately creating conditions that would lead to the death or displacement of 85% of the world’s population be considered mass homicide? That’s illegal, right?

If a corporation is a person, and a psychopath is a person who cannot morally differentiate a human being from a chair or an airplane, then isn’t the world being run by psychopaths?

Corporations and governments reduce the people to more no than data and statistics, which are related to dollars and energy consumption. Some people will become liabilities to society based on an actuarial risk assessment, and as a result, the ‘producers’ of the society will become indignant – not toward the government, who emplaced the system of failure, but with the people considered liabilities, who drive up premiums.

Much less will consideration be given to an individual, and their value as creative, intelligent beings, and as the oceans slowly rise over the decades, and the blackouts become more common, and people begin to die of disease and starvation by the millions will we finally realize that it was all according to plan.

Personally, I have to consider that the architects of this system, it’s inevitable failure, and their resulting uncontested position at the top of the heap have to know something that we don’t. Like what did they learn from Tesla, and for that matter all of the pioneers of electrical discovery from Faraday on? What have they developed from Farnsworth’s briefly operational cosmic induction generator? Do they already understand how to generate energy from geo-polar or subspace resonance induction techniques as were developed by people like Tesla and Farnsworth?

Do they believe in order for the Human race to go forward, necessarily most of us must die – that they must cull the herd, so to speak? These people who are willing to go forward carrying with them the legacy of the murder of billions and billions of human beings – do they believe that they are to be saviors of the race and that their plans are for the best?

Or are they just consumed with greed and vanity?

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