Don’t Act Crazy

The proportion per capita of deaths related to police action in this country is much too high, particularly compared to other countries. Crime rates have slowly declined as the rate of people killed by police increases in frequency.

I think an appropriate corollary could be drawn between these statistics and those regarding drugs prescribed for mental health issues. Almost 50% of our population has convinced themselves with the help of society and media that they are mentally ill in some way. Is it really that we’re going crazy, or is it our minds recoiling from realization of the absurd contrivances which make up our lives?

So maybe we learn something. Maybe we’re not crazy, and we don’t need to voluntarily bathe our brains in chemicals. Maybe there’s a reason we feel the need to have a chemical crutch for every errant thought of violence or treachery, or to absolve us of our own negative feedback loops.

But most importantly, don’t act like a raving lunatic when talking to the police.

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