Homeland Security Fail

When I was in the army, I learned a lot about security. How to establish it, how to maintain it, and the fundamental elements of it, which if employed properly, are effective in providing said security. One fundamental of security is establishing a perimeter. A line of defense inside which assets and personnel are kept because they are more secure there. We have this Department of Homeland Security, who presumably is responsible for the task of securing the homeland, and yet, our perimeter is ALLOWED to be breached. And those who breach it are rewarded for doing so.

This rant is not about immigration policy. This rant is about the largest bureaucratic entity ever devised in the history of the world apparently not aware of the simple fundamentals of the mission they are given. Rather than establishing and maintaining a perimeter, protecting our personnel and assets, they deliberately allow it to be breached. There must be purpose in that.

There has to be a reason why the opposite of what should happen is happening. There is a reason, and many of us know what that reason is. It is the same reason for up-armored troop carriers, fully automatic crew served weapons, and even artillery pieces in the arsenals of domestic police departments. It is for the same reason that politicians, judges, police and corporations are not held accountable for breaking the law and hurting people in the process. It is for the same reason that we lob bombs at people indiscriminately, on taxpayer’s dime without their consent.

Our leadership is rogue and out of control. Nothing they do is in the interest of the American people, just as corporations care nothing more than for their own profits. All these things that are happening are happening in our name. The people are responsible for what their leadership does and does not do. We just had an election where a 96% incumbency retention rate was coupled with an 11% approval rating of those incumbents. This election was also the worst voter turnout for a mid-term in 70 years, so you see, those who are voting are voting to KEEP WHAT THEY GOT because that’s what they want.

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