On Mastermind…

(Originally posted January 18, 2014)

Reading about MasterMind brought back to me a some thoughts I’d had some time ago about a Terminator scenario where machines rule the world.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, these are just my thoughts and ideas, never intended to be shared, but I see increasingly that people are now beginning to be genuinely frightened by the ideas of cyber warfare, artificial intelligence reaching a sentient state, etc.

First, computers (as we know them) require electricity to operate. Pulling the plug could be accomplished in so many different ways by human hands that I don’t understand how anyone could see past that one far enough to even entertain the notion of a hostile takeover by machines. I could go on about EMPs and overloading the lines in, but I’m sure someone will cover that themselves.

Second, computers with sufficient computing capacity to reach a sentient state, in my estimation, would require copious quantities of a coolant, namely water. They just don’t work when they get too hot.

Third, explosives. Need I say more?

All that said, my updated thoughts on the subject are that it could indeed be possible for machines to usurp the human race and control them, but it would be through a slow, integrous evolution of man and machine. How many of us have imagined how cool it would be to have a heads-up display, with pertinent information about our environment? Enough of us that it’s actually nearing reality. A takeover of humans by machines would be by way of infiltration over successive generations and advances in technology. If Wi-Fi were strong and prevalent enough in society, we may not have the ability to unplug at some point.

Most of us are beholden to our machines in some way, and some of us are clinically addicted to them. I don’t see where it would be difficult for a machine that could recognize patterns, abstract hypotheticals, and plan for a specific outcome to manipulate humans. One thing that I believe is certain, that humans could never program into a computer REAL instincts for survival and propagation. Machines alone could not, I believe, survive autonomously forever. Were machines to rule, they would have to keep humans as hosts if for no other purpose than their innate instincts for survival. They could exist as a parasite, and do wondrous things with our bodies and minds

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