Opposing Viewpoints

One might say that our government has not held up its end of the bargain. Another might say that it’s exceeded it’s expectations, and gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Some feel that federalizing health care and mandating expenses for the people under threat of punishment is not within the government’s authority, while others feel that centralized health care is compassionate and fair.

Some feel that large banks, who gambled with our collective savings and assets, should not be rewarded with our tax dollars and the tax dollars of our children and grandchildren. Others feel that had our government not promised them a portion of our future earnings, their failure would have caused a catastrophic economic failure on a global scale.

Some feel that it is not the responsibility of the American people to subsidize the offensive and defensive capabilities of other countries. Others feel that wherever there conflict occurs in the world, it is our responsibility to choose sides, and provide support to ensure the security and safety of the people of that nation.

Some feel that our government places the interests of corporations ahead of the interests of the people of America. Others feel that corporations provide us with the goods and services that we need, and provide jobs for people, ensuring the success of our economy.

Some feel that fully automatic weapons and mine-resistant armored personnel carriers are not appropriate for domestic law enforcement. Others feel that law officers face an increasingly dangerous work environment and must be able to better protect themselves, or that surplus weaponry from our military should not be wasted.

Some feel that it is important to the security of a nation that it’s borders not be allowed to be breached illegally. Others feel that when the poor, hungry, and suffering of people of other nations come to us for help, we should be ready and willing to do so.

Some feel that when federal officials violate the law in the execution of their service to the people, that they should be held accountable and punished appropriately. Others feel that demotions, lateral transfers, or not being re-elected is punishment enough.

Some feel that America is not a country that should have such a large and growing homeless problem. Others feel that in America, there is ample opportunity for everyone to lift themselves up, and the homeless have no excuse for being homeless.

Some people have no opinions at all.

There are always conflicting viewpoints regarding any societal or political issue. These are just examples. The point I would like to make is that though these opposing viewpoints are typical, neither get down to the root cause of the issues.

One might say the government has not held up its end of the bargain. The truth is that a new bargain has been drawn, and it is between our government and the powerful elite of this world, who have been at work in their plans for a very long time. They represent the darkest, most selfish aspects of the human being, greed and power. They are collectively psychopathic, which means they view living souls as nothing more than tools they use to meet their ends. They are addicted to accumulation and control, and envision a homogenized, utopian society of their own prescription. A global society much, much smaller than our current population, a more manageable proposition.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re acting rightly. Maybe they care about the human race in that they understand that if they fail in their mission, the human race may destroy itself. But would a sacrifice of billions to ensure the perpetuity of the human race, not to mention the legacy of the murder of billions of your own kind be preferable to the very real risk of unsustainability, and possible extinction if we maintain the status quo?

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