Russia Today Propaganda Inciting American Unrest

The time for propaganda is over. It is obsolete. A new phase of this world transition is taking place. The mission of RT.COM (Russia Today News Network) is to run counter to ‘typical mainstream’ media outlets ie. CNN, FOX, BBC, MSNBC, and offer an ‘alternative.’ The alternative will sound ‘truthy,’ as they tell you about books you shouldn’t read, because if you did, you would become angry with your leadership.

As the people become more fed up with the obvious malfeasance of their leaders, which is deliberately staged, intending to foment distrust and a lack of confidence, the ‘alternative’ will be the voice of truth and reason. RT will present to us our problems in easy to swallow, 30 second soundbites, give advice as to how WE the people should react, what recourse we have to address these problems, and of course, what will happen to America should we continue to do nothing.

ALL information received via mainstream media, and indeed all major cable and satellite providers, is information intended for CONSUMPTION. The information is presented in a superficial and oversimplified manner so that no one will be able to know enough about an issue to form a useful opinion. However, we all are encouraged strongly to have an opinion, and a strong one.

The veracity of the news reported is no longer an issue. The propaganda trap has already been sprung, and it is no longer important what or whether or not we believe. What is important now is that we are divided. Deeply divided among these issues which we largely know nothing about. With an ideologically divided populace, wedges driven between authority and citizen classes, and separations between each successive generation of families, we are headed for a civil war.

The platform has been created, and now all that needs to happen is for the hornet’s nest to be kicked.

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