Secret Society

Secret combinations, secret handshakes, and secret negotiations. All through mankind’s history, secret societies of men of wealth and influence have guided politics, economics, war, and ultimately, the fate of the masses.

A study of the interpersonal, familial, and political connections between members of contemporary secret societies clearly show the patterns of haughty greed and self-aggrandizing excess resultant from the control of information and assets.

Founded in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, The Order of Skull and Bones, also known as ‘The Brotherhood of Death’, briefly surfaced in the mainstream during the 2004 Presidential election as it was pointed out that both candidates were once members of the Yale undergraduate society. Some of it’s more influential members include George H.W. and George W Bush as well as grandfather Prescott Bush, Secretary of State John Kerry, President William Howard Taft, William F. Buckley, as well as names like Harriman and Stanley.

As the data set grows, and correlations between positions and decisions are made – who holds them and who makes them – the results are tallied. Only then does it become grossly apparent that these leaders of industry and pillars of community have not the best intentions for all at heart.

Since it’s inception, the passage of time has led to revelations which make more clear the intentions of it’s founding. Oversimplified, Skull and Bones, and other exclusive groups like it are simply networks of people – highly scrutinized and vetted people, carefully selected and invited to belong by virtue of their familial and political connection and influence.

Networking for the elite is the same as networking for the common man – it’s not what you know, but who you know. However, when the members of an exclusive club who represent a large measure of industrial, economic, military, and judicial power – those things upon which we depend for our security and continued prosperity – secrets can be dangerous.

The question is, what is the big secret? I have come to my conclusion regarding the intent of those self-elected Elite who keep secrets from the rest of us. For now, I will reserve that judgement to myself, and allow you the concerned resident of our incorporated world to study and make clearer the picture for yourself.

The following is information and media on the subject of Skull and Bones, compiled with the intent and hope that people will educate themselves about the world into which they were born, and the people who own and operate it.

Notable Members of Skull & Bones:

  • William Huntington Russell, co-founder
  • Alphonso Taft, co-founder, Father of 27th US President William Howard Taft, 31st US Secretary of War, 34th US Attorney General,
  • George H.W. Bush, 41st US President, 11th Director of Central Intelligence, 10th US Ambassador to the United Nations,
  • George W. Bush, 43rd US President, 46th Governor of Texas
  • Prescott Bush, Father of George H.W. Bush, and grandfather of George W. Bush, Senator from Connecticut
  • John Kerry, US SECDEF (current), Senator from Massachusetts, Democratic Presidential Candidate, past chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Of particular note regarding members of Skull & Bones, is their proclivity in government law and policy and the CIA, as well as private, policy steering committees made up of private sector interests, or ‘Think Tanks’ – such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

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