The 5 D’s of Defense

When I was a soldier, I learned the 5 D’s of Defense. They are, distract, divide, delay, divert, and deny.

To distract an enemy from an unseen force with the mission to flank and destroy. To divide the enemy and more easily subdue and destroy the resultant smaller forces. To delay the enemy’s advance and allow for other pieces to fall into the overall strategy. To divert the enemy into a prescribed area, with the intent to destroy with attack or ambush. To deny the enemy access to areas of strategic importance.

Used as a corollary to the world overall, it seems that these principles of defense are being used very effectively to control the hearts and minds of the people.

We are distracted by our endless supply of new toys and forms of entertainment. We are distracted by our culture of intoxication – drugs in all of it’s legal and illegal forms. We are distracted by the fearful violence displayed in high definition every day in fiction and in reality. We are distracted by our increasingly uncertain future, and our perceived inability to control it.

We are divided by ideals and beliefs which have been given us by our religions, our science, and our media – divisions that naturally exist, but which have been cleverly exacerbated through incremental manipulations with the intent to make impossible any notion of unity among peoples. We have been intentionally divided by race, and we now gladly segregate ourselves from one another over divides of little significance.

We are delayed in any action which would serve to free us by our 45-hour work weeks and 15-hour weekly commutes and the fatigue that results. We are delayed in our emotional and mental intelligence by an education system that instills the values of punctuality and accuracy, but stymies independent thought and creativity in problem-solving. We are delayed in our politics by a system abhorrently resistant to any disruption of the status quo.

We are diverted into a corral of bureaucracy which binds us and forces us to ask permission for any and all things good in this life, save procreation. We are diverted into a virtual world of individuality where personal connections are digitized rather than realized. We are diverted into repetitious systems of thought which do not allow divergence from accepted norms, and crush imagination.

We are denied access to easily discernable, truthful information regarding our political and economic systems, and the law which governs them. We are denied expressing our collective conscience by the rationalizations and contrivances we are offered to justify actions made on our behalf by our representatives.

Remarkable is the fact that these principles of defense are the tools the elite choose to meet their ends. But without an attacker, of what use could be a defense? How could the principles of defense be used to control an enemy who was not present?

It is a game by which the only way to win is not to play, but we are heavily invested and deeply entrenched in this paradigm we’ve helped to create with our participation. Our system has been one of great pleasure. Our excesses, even for the poorest of us have been monumental throughout history. And it is that state of great pleasure that we have all enjoyed for so long that can make trifling, fleeting pains feel like a severed limb.

Entitlement spins the cycle of disappointment, so emotionally charged that the slightest damage to one’s expectation of reality, even for the inconsequential inspires rage or depression. The quest for constant and undisturbed happiness continues, but interrupted constantly by missed items on a fast food order, an unpromptly returned text message, or the negative outcome of a sporting event, from one’s perspective.

All of us will learn to make due with less, one way or the other. On one hand, we could do it their way – gradually accept fewer liberties and give up the ability to choose for ourselves what kind of world in which we would like to live. On the other hand, we could invite those who pride themselves on their handle on things to stop.

There is only one thing in this world currently which serves to continue the aims and goals of those who dream themselves our masters. They are one hundred percent owners and distributors of this thing. This thing is not necessary for happiness and has never been, but it is now absolutely necessary to continue to live in order to seek and find happiness.

This thing is money. Without it we do not eat, we do not wear clothing, we do not have shelter. You can give, receive, and foster all of the love you want in this world, but without money, and also permission, you can have little else, to include continued existence. To reduce the use of money, to curb consumption is to reduce the level of influence and control that people who own the money have in our lives.

Money is not the root of all evil, that is only what some would like us to think. Money is nothing more than a tool, which is used and controlled by it’s owners. When you work a conventional living, you are rewarded with money for your time and skill. Many people, particularly those at the top of the structure are compensated with vastly more money than their skills and time warrant, and their paychecks are cut by a board of the invested who made great amounts of money for producing nothing themselves. The more money you have as an individual, the less you have to personally produce in order to acquire more and more of it.

This is a ponzi scheme in which anyone can choose to be a part of. Those who do not choose, or who have no conception of this ponzi scheme, are still a willing participant when they consume. Individuals may to some extent choose to which level of the ponzi scheme they belong in that if they choose to make money through usury practices (on which the system is based), they can rise higher on the scale with less and less effort required as they rise. But they must realize that it does not take money to make money, it takes someone else’s work to make that money. And in this time, work looks more like exploitation. Wages rise very little compared to cost of living, and many of the products that we consume every day are produced by people who are not of age, overworked, and in many cases abused in some way. The money comes from the production efforts of someone, somewhere.

Money is not evil – it is neither a root nor a subsequent of any evil at all. It is a means of trade. For most people, it is a means for houses, cars, televisions, computers, handheld devices, and any of the other modern conveniences and entertainments from which we seek to derive happiness. It is a permit, it is a licence, it is a means by which we all can be allowed to exist in relative comfort – free from the dirty reality of sweatshops and slaughterhouses, power plants and sewage treatment plants.

But for a very few people, it is a tool for control and manipulation of the rest. It is a universal light switch, which if suddenly moved to the off position would be impossible to flick back up. The questions children ask, “Where does hamburger come from?” and “Why does water come out of the tap?” would be deeply considered by most adults if faced with the absence of either. Those at the top will never have to consider these things, because they have taken great care to protect themselves from adversity. They have had time, resources, and foreknowlege to prepare for the tumultuous time to come, which they deem a necessary step in their plan for the future.

Still, they are obviously on the defense, which is encouraging. The question is, can we fall out of their trap? We greatly outnumber the powers that be, and our goodness is our greatest weapon, but our forces are covered and suppressed from an elevated position. We are being used against ourselves with our passions, our emotions, our desires, our temptations. We do not require leadership. We do not require representation. We require discipline, prioritization, and sacrifice – all on an individual level. We require the purging of the inconsequential from our psyche. Happiness is not a goal, but a state of being – a choice. The quest for bigger, better, faster, and more is the happiness trap that we’re collectively locked into, and the way out of the trap is to seek the happiness that does not come from things, pre-conceived situations, or outcomes of farcical events.

My suggestions for change are simple. Make do with less. Buy locally – stay away from massive retail chains like Wal-Mart and others who exploit and abuse the meek for profit. Do not support big agriculture, as they are a dominant factor in the plans not of our choosing. Seek remedies for ailments outside the mainstream, particularly mental ailments – the pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest in increasing it’s market base. Seek alternative educations in history and science – even religion. They have all been manipulated and/or fabricated to obscure the truth. Avoid news of current events from the mainstream outlets – they are owned and controlled by the same people and groups who profit from contrived wars. Come face to face with other good people and have real conversations – away from the safety and lack of accountability of virtual, digital relationships. Question the veracity of official stories of major events – understand the discrepancies, inconsistencies, personal connections, and logical fallacies of events like 9/11/01, and apply a higher standard of reason to them. Ask yourself if you understand and approve of how your mandatory tax payments are spent, and voice your conscience accordingly – begin to remove yourself from the tax game as much as possible.

Understand that you are allowed by God to think and more importantly, CHOOSE for yourself. We all have been given our natural, worldly tools in generally equal proportion – that is to say our brains, our senses, and our hands. It is how we develop and use these things we’ve been given that determines our collective condition. Too many good people neglect to use their tools, which is why they are under the control of the few.

Remember that without money, and the system on which it is based, the people who have the perceived power in this world would have none at all. They fundamentally have no more and no less capacity than any other human being, they need the tool of economy to maintain their control. It is merely an illusion that we all collectively construct in the hopes that it will save us from suffering, and direct us to states of pleasure. There is only so much pleasure and suffering to go around in this world as it stands, and to share each burden and each joy collectively would be the peaceful equilibrium we naturally seek.


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