The Non-Secret of Skull and Bones

I’ve been researching Skull and Bones for some time now and I’ve come to a simple conclusion. There is no secret, but if there is, it’s a well publicized one. Legends, myths, tall tales, all convenient distractions for what amounts to one big nothing, one big nothing at all, or so some might like others to think.

The fact that many prominent members of the government, financial, and industry were once Bonesmen at Yale simply proves that it is certainly one powerful human network. All of these people are pretty bright to begin with and even without S&B, they probably would have been powerful in their fields.

Over time, as the tradition of S&B was kept, all of the members have been hooking each other up with government contracts, government positions, and money and insurance deals, a great many probable scams and rip-offs.

Today, I would imagine that it would behoove any aspiring youth accepted to Yale to do what was necessary to gain acceptance into S&B, especially if they wanted to ensure lucrative positions in politics, banking, oil, defense, or insurance.

All of the erroneous mystical cult theories probably originated from Yale kids bragging and telling stories, thus creating rumors that have become legend. I’ve examined the theories of the alleged roots of the organization, and I can see that it all could have stemmed from a severe lack of rumor control, or the blatant propagation of disinformation for the purpose of college campus popularity.

Those kids at Yale aren’t doing anything different from any of the others. They’re throwing keggers and getting laid just like most everyone else. Just look at G.W. Bush. He was an alcoholic, got busted with cocaine, owned a baseball team, and can’t even conjugate verbs correctly. No secret there.

This is what is scary to me. An aged fraternal order, business network, ‘old boys club’ or whatever you want to call it, has caused a connection of powerful men, who have little care for anything but money and power. They are willing to exploit the common man for their greedy ends, and that is self-evident. From what I know of the plans for the New World Order (which we need not connect to secret societies, but real players in government and industry from all over the world) it seems that the general idea is similar to the political beliefs of former Bonesmen.

I believe their fundamental tenet is that the general population doesn’t know what’s good for them politically, and that what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Until they decide it’s time.

Skull and Bones is merely prep school for greedy power mongers, with exceptions, I hope, as John Kerry may just become the next president.

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