The Sub-Human Law: Death Penalty

After struggling for years in internal debate with my own conflicting convictions on capital punishment and capital crime, I have concluded for myself that the death penalty is fundamentally wrong.

It is man-made legislation that flies in the face of natural law in that it justifies a third party in the murder of an individual, who are objective from the crime for which they pass sentence.

Naturally, the only true justification for killing another human being is in defense from one trying to kill them, or in defense of the defenseless.

I am not an adherent of dogma, but it amazes me how it seems that where the death penalty is the most prevalent and active is also where the populous tends to more vehemently celebrate their adherence to the teachings of religions. Truly, what would Jesus do? Mohammed? Abraham? Moses? Refer to rule #5?

My conviction on this subject has for a very long time conflicted with my contempt toward those who commit capital crimes such as murder, rape, and exploitation of children. However, my personal interpretation of natural law has prevailed, and I would like to see the death penalty done away with for all that is good and wholesome. I think everyone’s killing licences should be revoked and the issuing authority audited.

As for what to do with all those who would otherwise end up on death row, eating all that food, taking up all that space – I might suggest freeing those who eat more food and occupy more space for non-violent infractions and using those resources for the more deserving.

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