To the Awake and Waking

To many, this world makes perfect sense. To those fully invested psychologically, emotionally, and economically, there is no doubt that the turmoil we’re currently witnessing in this world is going to subside, and everything is going to be just fine. They’re banking on that, because they cannot comprehend a world where all the things for which they endlessly chase paychecks going away. For them, the illusion must be defended to remain strong.

But for a growing number of people – people who are learning how to connect the dots – this world makes very little sense, naturally. This world makes it very difficult to think and act rightly in terms of compassion, community, and equality. It makes it very hard to have anything unless you have a paycheck, as there is a monetary value attached to everything we need or desire. This world has been commodified and monetized.

If you are one who questions this current iteration of civilization, and you can see the missteps of humanity down the ages which have led to our situation – when you do question and see and you notice that it seems all according to plan, do not be afraid of what you see. Do not be afraid of telling others what you see. I have been talking for years about these things, and I’ve been regularly alienated from people, and I admit, I really alienated myself from them. But when I talk to the same people now, they sometimes think back to some of the things I’ve talked to them about, and begin to question things.

The difference between asleep and awake can be just one piece of information, just one concept that allows one to peer through the illusion of this paradigm. People need to come to their own understanding and draw their own conclusions by their own means. As time goes on, the reality behind the illusion becomes more apparent, and I’m seeing people see it, little by little.

Don’t be discouraged or question yourself if you know in your heart that what you think you see is true. You don’t have to apologize for it. Don’t get depressed about the world and what you see in it. It is just the cognitive dissonance that is created by knowing the illusion, and having to exist and live by it’s absurdly impersonal guidelines, but acknowledging the reality behind it.

You’re not crazy if you don’t like what you see here. In fact, if you don’t like what you see, you could by any reasonable standard be considered more sane than those who run the rat race and enjoy themselves doing it.

All I’m saying is don’t feel bad for knowing what you know, saying it, and possibly being rejected for it. Just stick to your guns. If you don’t stick to your guns, you’ll feel worse than if you had. And this is all according to plan.

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