Transactional Fallacy

The state of Louisiana has banned the use of cash transactions for second hand goods with regard to yard/garage sales, flea markets, swap meets, personal transactions, and even the local thrift shop, if they do not comply with informational requirements set forth in the bill.

The bill attempts to stave off black market and other criminal transactions, but strangely includes specific exemptions for pawn shops, where typically criminals go to try to pawn stolen goods.

If you have a yard sale, you must report all information regarding each transaction daily. Information about the good sold and the parties involved. This is for tax purposes. This is to ensure that the state of Louisiana receives it’s due.

Things like this are happening all over the country. Kids shut down by police for running a lemonade stand claiming that they can’t serve food to the public without proper health code procedure. Kids told by officials that if they continue to knock on doors and ask people if they would like their walks shoveled, they will be arrested. Yard sales have been shut down time and time again for lack of business licencing.

The way the money rises to the top is transactional. Every transaction we make, Uncle Scam gets a piece and he collects them all from every transaction, and does with it what he pleases. Currently, almost half of Uncle Scam’s piece we will never see again, because it is spent on military action. The only way we would see that money again is if that military action was directed at us.

If money was the root of all evil, you could follow the money all the way up the tree. But it would behoove one to realize that the Earth the root takes plant in is the law.

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