To the Awake and Waking

To many, this world makes perfect sense. To those fully invested psychologically, emotionally, and economically, there is no doubt that the turmoil we’re currently witnessing in this world is going to subside, and everything is going to be just fine. They’re banking on that, because they cannot comprehend a world where all the things for... Continue Reading →

Things That Did Not Happen

1. The Department of Homeland Security and other privately held government contractors, such as the Federal Reserve and the Postal Security Service have not requisitioned over 2 billion rounds of rifle and handgun ammunition, to include hollow point rounds. They also have not purchased over 200 Mine Resistant Armored Personnel (MRAPS) for domestic use, or... Continue Reading →

The Hegelian Dialectic

This term (and its attribution), is generally a misnomer in its application to issues regarding socio-political cause and effect, however, it is contemporarily used to describe a process by which an individual or a group can be manipulated, over time, to reject their current beliefs and convictions, and to accept and replace them with new ones. The... Continue Reading →

Secret Society

Secret combinations, secret handshakes, and secret negotiations. All through mankind’s history, secret societies of men of wealth and influence have guided politics, economics, war, and ultimately, the fate of the masses. A study of the interpersonal, familial, and political connections between members of contemporary secret societies clearly show the patterns of haughty greed and self-aggrandizing excess... Continue Reading →

Plausible Deniability

“Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter-accusations.” Plausible deniability is the concept described as avoiding culpability or accountability for the actions of one’s subordinates by deliberately avoiding knowledge of said actions, particularly when those actions could be considered illegal or immoral. A prime example of plausible deniability is the Iran-Contra affair, in which National Security... Continue Reading →

Opposing Viewpoints

One might say that our government has not held up its end of the bargain. Another might say that it’s exceeded it’s expectations, and gone above and beyond the call of duty. Some feel that federalizing health care and mandating expenses for the people under threat of punishment is not within the government’s authority, while... Continue Reading →

Homeland Security Fail

When I was in the army, I learned a lot about security. How to establish it, how to maintain it, and the fundamental elements of it, which if employed properly, are effective in providing said security. One fundamental of security is establishing a perimeter. A line of defense inside which assets and personnel are kept... Continue Reading →

Fractional Reserve Lending

By law, banks are allowed to loan out a variable 7 to 9 times that which they have cash reserves on hand to cover. This means that if a bank holds a depositor’s money in the amount of $100, then they are legally allowed to lend out $700 to $900, depending on the rules regarding... Continue Reading →

Division and Distraction

This system has been created to confuse you, to distract you from what’s important, to make you fearful and insecure about future prospects. All of the major facets of our society serves to only further differentiate ourselves from one another, to segregate us into tinier and tinier camps. Bigotry and religious clashes on a micro... Continue Reading →


Would a conspiracy involving a small subset of humans deliberately creating conditions that would lead to the death or displacement of 85% of the world’s population be considered mass homicide? That’s illegal, right? If a corporation is a person, and a psychopath is a person who cannot morally differentiate a human being from a chair... Continue Reading →

Cognitive Dissonance

The term cognitive dissonance describes a mental condition in which newly acquired information that opposes one’s belief system, or holding contradictory beliefs leads to psychological discomfort. The level and type of psychological discomfort varies by individual, and manifestations and reactions to cognitive dissonance can range from mild depression to irrational neuroses and nervous tics, to severe... Continue Reading →


To be clear, I’ve never been lied to by a politician, because I’ve never spoken with a politician. Politicians have lied, to be sure, but one has never lied to me, because I’ve never asked one a question. To be clear, I have never asked a politician to do anything for me. I’ve never asked a politician... Continue Reading →

4th Amendment

I just want to say something about the rights of citizens, specifically the rights guaranteed us by the 4th amendment of the constitution. The 4th amendment guarantees citizens of legal age the protection against illegal search and seizure by the federal government and local law, as well as other citizens, in my reading of the... Continue Reading →

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